We just cannot stay away from art and beauty even in these tough times. If we are to wear masks in the longer term at least make them fashionable! You could even have face masks made in the same print as your eco friendly swim costumes. A great design selection for all tastes, both from Delfina face masks stock and our own limited edition designer prints.  In stock, artist's impression of F1 cars (Leclerc, Dani Ricciardo, Lando Norris)!!!
Please have a look at the very important mask specifications before ordering. The masks have an adjustable nose clip and adjustable (tie yourself) elastic ear loops and come with one piece Non-woven textile filter  - hydrophobic material - can be washed (but not ironed).

The measurements of the mask are below, please check them against your face before buying, as no returns are accepted after the face covering is removed out of the packet, as it is considered a hygiene item. The ear loop elastic is tie yourself for a better fitting to your face. Please don't try and tie it around your head as it is not long enough for that.

The metal nose clip makes the mask snug on your face, and if you fit it well it might make a good enough seal for the glasses not to fog. Bend it before fitting it to your face in a _/\_ shape, rounded at the top and by trying to fit it flat along the cheekbones. We fiddled enough with it to achieve fog free glasses. This is just a tip, which many customers succeeded to achieve, but we are not claiming that the mask will keep the glasses from fogging on all faces!

Filter sewn to the inside of the pocket for all Christmas prints.
All the listed items are identical in size, + - 5mm.
Measurements are as follow: 
Total length 21 cm;
Side width 6 cm;
Nose / Chin notch 3 cm each;
Total width in the middle 14.5 cm;